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Jurisdiction(s): Ontario
Class of Licence: P1   

Geographic Communities Serviced:

Oakville, ON Mississauga, ON Etobicoke, ON Brampton, ON Milton, ON Cambridge, ON St. Catharines, ON Niagara Falls, ON Stoney Creek, ON Burlington, ON , ON
and surrounding communities.

Areas of Law Interests:

Employment Law
Human Rights
Residential Tenancies (LTB)

NOTE: "Areas of Law Interests", does not necessarily mean scope of practice.  For many reasons, persons including legal practitioners, may have an interest in a variety of areas of law.

Keyword Tags:
Property Management, Fired Without Cause, Unjust Cause, Wrongful Termination, Legal Help, Landlord Tenant Issues, Employment Law, Employer Abuse

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Holly Robertson is presently peer reviewed at: 5 Stars

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