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I provide legal representation to clients charged with various offences across Ontario including Highway Traffic Act matters, with an emphasis on novice drivers and escalating sanctions, food premise regulations, fire code violations, and hunting charges, among others. I also defend clients charged with criminal summary offences. I am a share/stake-holder in the Marketing.Legal platform to the legal profession.

Jurisdiction(s): Ontario
Class of Licence: P1    Year Licenced: 2012
Bar / Law Society Number: P07918

Geographic Communities Serviced:

Toronto, ON Oshawa, ON Scarborough, ON Etobicoke, ON Oakville, ON North York, ON Markham, ON Vaughan, ON Richmond Hill, ON Niagara Falls, ON Newmarket, ON Brampton, ON Milton, ON Cobourg, ON Barrie, ON and surrounding communities.

Areas of Law Interests:

Consumer Law
Criminal Law (Summary)
Municipal (Bylaw) Offences
Provincial Offences
Residential Tenancies

Keyword Tags:
Fail to Report Accident or Remain, Limo, Owner, G2, License, Highway Traffic Act, Careless, School Bus, Speeding, Handheld Device, Licence Suspension and Reinstatement, and more.

Ryan M. Swalm completed the Court and Tribunal Diploma program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2011. Upon completion of the academic portion of studies, Ryan promptly obtained employment with a small legal practice based in Markham, Ontario, and thereafter began his own practice focusing on Highway Traffic Act traffic tickets matters, general Provincial Offences matters, and various Criminal Summary Offence charges.

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